Virtual Training & Programming for Self-Directed Training available if appropriate.

The Assessment

(Phase 1)

The assessment begins with a comprehensive interview in order to gain a thorough understanding of your history of low back pain.

A physical examination follows in order to determine the movements, postures and loads that exacerbate your pain, and those that relieve it. Muscular weaknesses, anatomical anomalies, and neural tensions are assessed in order to hone in on the precise cause of your pain and provide a clear picture for the recovery plan.

Please bring MRI if available.


Time : 2-2.5 hrs. 


Spine Hygiene

(Phase 2)

The objective of phase 2 is to wind down pain sensitivity. This

is where education and training begins.


You will learn about your injury and what causes your pain. 


You will be trained to adopt new, pain-free, movement patterns that will allow the traumatized tissues to rest and promote healing.  


Positions of respite, spine position awareness and modifications to your daily activities will be coached. 

Two sessions


Building the Foundation

(Phase 3)


The very delicate recovery phase that removes the cause of pain is followed by an exercise plan carefully designed to build a resilient back through core endurance and spine stabilization training.​ 

The selection and dosage of exercises are skillfully administered based on your spine's tolerance and capacity.


At the end of this phase, you will receive a 6-12 week program to perform daily. Patience, dedication and consistency are key.

Four sessions

"Back" to Health

(Phase 4)

Perfect form is instilled as you increase endurance, enhance injury resilience and broaden pain-free activities.

Lazy muscles are provoked and trained, specific joints are mobilized, and skillfully coached stretches are programmed if appropriate.  

Your exercise and movement repertoire are expanded during this phase, building mind-muscle connections, enhancing controlled motion and re-establishing healthy activation patterns.

6 sessions

Advancing Your Fitness

(Phase 5)

Individuals who have fitness-related goals will progress to this phase. 

There is a shift in focus from back rehabilitation to back performance.

Your unique back injury and personal history continues to steer the ideal selection and dosage of exercises to increase challenge and build strength.

Ultimate Back Performance

(Phase 6)


This phase is reserved for high level performance and athletic goals.

Continue to build strength while developing speed, power and agility around a robust back.  Re-gain your athletic prowess.