What should I wear to the Assessment?

You will be asked to move around and assume various positions on and off the treatment table.  You are encouraged to dress comfortably and bring a pair of indoor shoes to change into.

What should I bring to the Assessment?

If you have access to imaging (MRI, x-ray etc.) via Pocket Health, please "share" your files with info@nfitpro.com prior to your appointment.  If you have imaging on a CD or written reports, please bring them to your appointment. 

You will be asked to recount a detailed history of your back troubles.  Some individuals find it helpful to jot down some notes before hand.

Please bring a pair of indoor shoes and you may wish to bring a water bottle with you. 

Can I bring someone to the Assessment?

Absolutely.  If you have a spouse, family member or friend that you live with, they are welcome to come to all of the appointments.  You will be learning a great deal about your back injury and your pain triggers, and you will be coached on various techniques and exercises that comprise your individualized rehabilitation program. An additional set of ears and eyes is helpful to some. 

Is the McGill Method covered by insurance?

No, the McGill Method is not covered by insurance.  There is currently no provision in the health care system for clinicians to spend the required amount of time with a single patient to hone in on the precise causal mechanisms of pain.  The McGill Method is not a passive treatment therapy. The primary objective is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to manage your own back pain recovery without requiring ongoing treatments that drain your bank account over time.  

How much does it cost?

The hourly rate is $165/hr. + hst.  The assessment requires about 2-2.5 hours to hone in on the precise cause of pain followed by 2 sessions that are 1-1.5 hours in length to receive education and coaching on an individualized plan designed to remove the cause of your pain, build a resilient spine and empower you with the tools required for long term relief.  You will receive written session reviews as well as access to custom exercise videos if applicable.  Please see "what to expect" for more details.