Being in the fitness world for over 20 years and having experienced debilitating back pain for many years, Nicola Folino has a deep understanding of the profound effect it has on one's life, both physically and psychologically.  

Her personal success with the McGill Method naturally steered her focus and education to become fluent in the science and practice upon which it is based.  


Based on over 35 years of scientific research lead by world renowned spine biomechanist, Dr. Stuart McGill, Nicola is proud to be the first person in Canada to achieve McGill Method Certification.  She is trained to assess the causal mechanisms of low back pain and design individualized programs to remove the cause of pain, build a robust spine and enhance athletic performance.  

The mental and physical freedom of life without low back pain is immeasurable. Nicola dedicates her training practice exclusively to achieving successful outcomes for low back pain sufferers.  She works with various clinicians including Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and McGill Master Clinicians who routinely refer patients to her for expert coaching in McGill Methodology for low back pain.

Her clients are diverse in age and background including elite athletes, coaches, dancers, physicians, nurses, retirees, and weekend warriors. 


  • McGill Method Certified Practitioner

  • McGill Method Level 2 Master Assessment

  • Fitness for Mental Health Certification

  • CanFit Pro Certified Personal Trainer Specialist

  • First Aid Certification

  • CPR A Certification

  • BA, Hons, Psychology

  • Resourced in various publications including:

    •  Oxygen Magazine

    • "Crooked: Outwitting the Back Pain Industry" by award-winning author Kathryn Jacobson-Ramin





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