Treatment for back pain and sciatica in Oakville.  

Avoid surgery.  

Get your pain-free life back. 

Have you tried multiple therapies yet still suffer from back pain?

Join the growing list of individuals in Oakville and around the world who are finally living a pain-free life with the McGill Method.  

The McGill Method is a rehabilitation approach to low back disorders developed by world-renowned Canadian spine biomechanist, Dr. Stuart McGill.

We blend biomechanics, neurodynamics, anatomy and behavioural science to hone in on the precise

cause of your low back pain.  

Nicola Folino was the FIRST IN CANADA to become McGILL METHOD CERTIFIED and is among an elite group of clinicians and practitioners around the world who have achieved certification. 

You will learn how to:

Remove the root cause of your back pain.

 ✓ Perform daily activities without painful "catches", "shocks", "stabs", "pulls" or "aches".

Build your spine's capacity and resilience with an individualized program.

Enjoy life again!